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They success of an AirBNB business is down to the presentation of your property. There is never a second chance to make a first impression. Domestique make it our business to ensure your customers get the very best experience from the moment they walk in your door. We offer a range of housekeeping services in addition to our cleaning package. Please call Rob and the team at Domestique Maldon for further details.

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From £12.95 Per Hour

Most popular service plan

  • Experienced & Trained Cleaner
  • Maintenance Cleaning
  • Insured Liability & Damage
  • Planned Holiday Cover
  • You Choose from 3 Cleaning Days
  • Dedicated Cleaner
  • Proactive Feedback Service
  • 4 Day Emergency Cover
  • £12.95
    Online Cleaner Booking
Member of Domestic Cleaning Alliance
Member of Domestic Cleaning Alliance
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